Chosing a bike for the trip

Among the fans of sightseeing in Poland and in the world in an unusual way, there is a large group of people preferring cycling. But before going for the dream trip they need to take a series of time-consuming preparations. The first step is obviously to choose the most suitable bike for the route. The choice of a bicycle type is made depending on the chosen route , and preferred biking style.


If the route of our trip follows through the asphalt road, forest path or the meadow trail, bike has to be adapted to driving on rough, rocky and often muddy routes. The best type for this kind of trail is mountain bike (MTB). At the moment, the market offers a huge selection of such bicycles. They are characterized above all by quite heavy and massive tires and can handle well the sprouted roots and paths lined with stones.

If you intend to take on a trip a lot of load, then you should use so-called trekking bicycle. These bikes are very stable and are equipped with racks, fenders and lights. If you are going to take a trip with a child or a person with a similar body built, then what you need to choose is so-called tandem. These bicycles are mainly recommended for trails leading through roads and highway. The journey taken in such a way gives incredibly much satisfaction and pleasure and a lot of fun together. If you want to do really long distances on your bike, then you should choose so-called road bike. This bike is very light and comfortable.

Motocross bikes, in turn, are perfect for a quiet bicycle ride through the streets of our cities, forest paths or in the forest.