How to organize a bike ride in the rain?

Many cycling enthusiasts are not deterred even by the difficult weather conditions like rain, snow or hot summer.


Of course, a real experienced cyclist knows that the joy of the trip is only when you adjust to it accordingly with the riding style. As we know, wet leaves on the road are far from creating ideal conditions for a peaceful bike ride, but for the true cycling amateur, no rain nor foul autumn weather are terrible. An experienced bike rider knows that there are several proven ways to turn rainy journey into pleasant, fascinating cycling adventure. First of all, while driving in the rain the most important thing is the visibility of the rider. You must obtain the appropriate light colored clothing. Secondly, equip your bike in the front and rear lights, or even in light reflectors. Thirdly, for the trip in the rain use a helmet with visor, which protects the rider's eyes from the effects of rain and dust, which can successfully blind. Extremely important element while driving in the rain is to maintain adequate distance from other vehicles on the road. During the rain brakes work a bit more slowly than usual, and this is why you need to be adequately prepared for such an emergency situation.

Important information for people traveling by bicycle in the rain is to pay attention to the fact that the tires should be inflated less than usual. Thanks to this bike would be better kept to the ground. If you also want the journey to be successful, you should equip your bike in mudguards. They should also be carefully selected - too short, only protect your bike and too long will make it difficult to ride comfortably. Knowing how we should behave on the road in the rain, it is enough now to prepare the bike and get on the route.

Have a nice trip!